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Союз охраны психического здоровья основан в 2014 году и призван объединить организации и физических лиц, предоставляющих услуги в сфере охраны психического здоровья (профилактика, лечение, реабилитация) различным категориям населения России в различных сферах жизнедеятельности человека.

Деятельность Союза направлена на улучшение психического здоровья россиян через реализацию национальных и международных проектов, способствующих объединению экспертов на междисциплинарном и межсекторном уровне и их профессиональному росту, созданию кластеров для производства инновационных продуктов, продвижению современных научных достижений. 

The catalog contains works of masters from different parts of Russia. Here you can pick up unusual souvenirs, gifts and interior items that will delight you with their impeccable performance and high quality. In one place, handicrafts of various subjects are collected, which can be ordered with delivery anywhere in the Russian Federation.
Works of our masters
“THE OTHER ONES” is a project of the Union for Mental Health, dedicated to people with mental disabilities, their attitude and perception.
About US
The goal of the project is to break down the wall of misunderstanding between people with mental disabilities and society
Our target
We present to society the creations of people whose life path cannot be called easy, to further reveal their original creativity – sincere and artless.
Creativity is like a two-way mirror. It reflects the author's vision, and at the same time allows you to investigate his/her inner world and understand the experiences, emotions, even suffering.
This is what makes their talent unique, unlike others.
The multi-faceted palette of feelings and perception of the surrounding reality in people with mental disabilities is most reflected in their wor
They perceive the world much more subtly, see it in such colors, shades, and nuances that an ordinary person will not notice