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Союз охраны психического здоровья основан в 2014 году и призван объединить организации и физических лиц, предоставляющих услуги в сфере охраны психического здоровья (профилактика, лечение, реабилитация) различным категориям населения России в различных сферах жизнедеятельности человека.

Деятельность Союза направлена на улучшение психического здоровья россиян через реализацию национальных и международных проектов, способствующих объединению экспертов на междисциплинарном и межсекторном уровне и их профессиональному росту, созданию кластеров для производства инновационных продуктов, продвижению современных научных достижений. 

Elina Doll
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Age: 35 years
Born on March 25, 1985 in Leningrad, she graduated from the University of Technology and Design with a red diploma in decorative and applied arts, the Talankin Design Center (Anichkov Palace) and the City Art School.
Elina is engaged in drawing and creating three-dimensional "dolls" from an early age. Creative search helped, among other things, to survive the conflict with society, rejection on its part of a certain extravagance and originality of the artist, which forced her to eventually isolate herself from the outside world and fully devote herself to art as a vocation or even work. Elina works constantly, even if she does not feel well physically, as she often suffers from severe and prolonged depression. Despite psychological difficulties, difficulties in adaptation and poor physical health, she has an incredible love of life, curiosity, thirst for life, workaholism and extreme stubbornness, although she often feels like an "unclaimed freak".
However, Elina's desire for contact with the outside world and the search for common interests with people is evidenced by numerous hobbies. For a while she was an actress in the "Theater Named after Which", studied the art of tattooing, sang in the choir, and is engaged in Scandinavian folk dances. Together with her husband, who for many years of marriage has become the closest and most understanding person, Elina has formed a kind of creative tandem - they travel a lot, including around their native city, visit concerts and museums, study cinema (and even periodically shoot themselves in mass scenes) and the history of their favorite countries, collect amazing things, find and photograph unexpected places and events. Kirill creates music, and Elina, in addition to creating her own visual works, offers the concept of a video or photo series – as a result, clips with original aesthetics are born…
"I love color and shape, dolls, bad weather and dancing, reading and letters in paper books, watching movies in movies, electronic music, lego, sometimes I get tattoos for someone, I love contrast and brightness, history, bright cosmetics and unnaturalness, foreign languages -I love German, I love cities, industrial structures, colorful beads, wind, huge stones....»

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