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Союз охраны психического здоровья основан в 2014 году и призван объединить организации и физических лиц, предоставляющих услуги в сфере охраны психического здоровья (профилактика, лечение, реабилитация) различным категориям населения России в различных сферах жизнедеятельности человека.

Деятельность Союза направлена на улучшение психического здоровья россиян через реализацию национальных и международных проектов, способствующих объединению экспертов на междисциплинарном и межсекторном уровне и их профессиональному росту, созданию кластеров для производства инновационных продуктов, продвижению современных научных достижений. 

Yaroslav Kudryashov
Russia, Zheleznogorsk
Age: 40 years
Born in 1980 in the city of Zheleznogorsk, Kursk region in the family of a soldier. Frequent moves by the nature of service left a lot of deep impressions in little Yaroslav, not always positive. The father was drunk, and by the end of high school, his parents were divorced. As a child, the future artist was reserved, read a lot, and loved construction kits. He studied at a local art school, which he dropped out of several times, and has never finished, received only basic knowledge in the field of classical disciplines.
"I was an out-of-system underground worker, a marginal person - I was disgusted with the fragile monotony of petty-bourgeois existence, vulgar prosperity, vulgar life. Naturally, there was an element of self-destruction, which was both a game and a method of protest. Contact with society has always been painful for me, and to get rid of stress, I resorted to alcohol. Later, fear of dependency, I minimized the contacts, by removing their cause. Art for me was a way of non-traumatic interaction with society, which I was opposed to. I was looking for ways to express something internal, emotional, observable. I tried to write, but the text leaves the reader little for their own impression. Critically reflecting on my surroundings, I persistently went through artistic practices like strings, hoping to catch the right one. The poverty of traditional, locally accepted mediums was discouraging. However, I didn't want to leave, although there is an unfavorable environmental situation here - an open iron ore quarry near the city, a zone of radioactive contamination due to the Chernobyl disaster, which may have caused the following radical changes in my life and work."
At the age of 27, Yaroslav was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease-rheumatoid arthritis: a rapid course, the first group, a serious condition, and significant physical limitations. "I began to feel death as the immediate end of people's lives, my life. Due to a late diagnosis, for more than two years I was in a state of slow death - from pain and impotence I could not move. I burned in a fever." "Death is like a tuning fork to me. As I get closer to her, I feel this event keenly - the knowledge that I will be gone. It is disciplining. I also began to feel life particularly keenly. The good thing about being sick is that it gives you time to think about what is important. When I got sick, I finally fell out of the world, became an outsider. However, the outsider is not a romantic image: for the healthy, I am sick, for the sick, my practices are too healthy. There is no disability in my work – these categories do not apply here. There is a stereotype that disabled people are engaged in creativity in order to do something. I have always been an artist – this is my life, but only recently I have been disabled. Disability is my context. Something that allows me to avoid identity and create something of a completely different nature."
For a long time, Yaroslav could not do anything physically, it was a period spent in reflection and rethinking. Over time, he was able to use a wheelchair, and 7 years later, in 2014, he gradually began to return to work with a completely different attitude and had to learn a lot again. "If it were not for my illness, I wouldn't have found clarity and creative freedom. Due to health problems, I lead a reclusive lifestyle - I do art and this is still a way for me to communicate with myself. The circumstances are such that my mystical practices have the characteristics of painting – I am not a painter. My medium is an art object. For me, this is not even creativity, but rather an emanation of the feeling of being, expressed in tactile and visual images. I plunge into the process like a sperm whale to an unthinkable depth, where I reach an altered state of consciousness, maximum concentration and at the same time dissolution in action. At this point, the continuum is broken, time ceases to exist. This state of the creative act is catharsis, you want to achieve it again, to take something out of it - an art object that is able to immerse itself in this state again through itself outside of the act. I do what is available to me - I make objects of the occult kind, and both the process and the result are important to me. The condition does not allow me physical freedom - it is difficult to hold a brush, I am blind in one eye, I experience pain and movement in the destroyed joints is very limited, but when I do not feel anything in the process, everything happens as if I am not doing it, somehow I get around my infirmities."

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